Rpg Rank info.

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Rpg Rank info.

Post  Alexxerth on Sun May 04, 2008 9:25 am

1. Ranks and benefits

Becoming a more active user will get you places in this rpg, here are ranks, requirments, and benefits.


Forest Ranger Assistant--------------------1-------------------------------This is the first rank no benefits

Forest Ranger----------------------------5-----------------------You can now get a hut as your own base

Rank II Forest Ranger--------------------15------------------------You can now get a rank I vehichle
Depending on your main base ( more info later )

Master Forest Ranger--------------------30----------------------You now get your medical kit

Assistant Forest Saver------------------50-----------------------No benefits for this rank

Forest Saver---------------------------75--------------------You can now get a small shack instead of a hut

Rank II Forest saver --------------------105----------------You can now get a Rank II vehichle depending
on your main base. (more info later)

Matser Forest Saver--------------------140------------------------You can now get rank II medical kit

Earth Saver-----------------------------180------------You can now get an animal rehab center for your base

Rank II Earth Saver----------------------225--------------You can now get a Rank III vehichle depending
on your main base ( more info. later )

Matser Earth saver------------------------275-------------------------You can now get a Rank III medical kit

Hidden Rank-------------------------------330-----------You now get Final rank Base which is actual HQ
you get best Medical kit to do life saving
operations. You get Best Rank vehichles for
Your bases. You get to be a moderator.
And you get a secret power

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